The relationships inside and outside Chicago Mosque shall be governed by the Qur’an and the Sunna, as understood by the righteous ancestors [of the Islamic Nation]: the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, may God grant him blessings and peace, their followers, and the leading Imams such as the four Imams and those who follow in their footsteps until the Day of Judgment.

Our Vision:
With the hereafter being the focal point of life and pleasing God being the ultimate goal, the Chicago Mosque will be the spiritual place of every American in Chicago (or elsewhere) who seeks to become an excellent servant of God and a great productive citizen.

Our Mission:
Our mission in the Chicago Mosque is to learn, practice, and teach Islam while contributing to the betterment of the Norwood Park neighborhood and the society at large.

Our Goals:
In pursuit of its Vision, the Chicago Mosque strives to:

  1. Organize religious, educational, social, and cultural faith-based events
  2. Promote, strengthen, and implement family values
  3. Assist disadvantaged individuals and families
  4. Promote cooperation and bridges building among all facets of the society
  5. Seek constructive dialogue and mutual understanding
  6. Further better understanding and appreciation of Islam among non-Muslims
  7. Promote brotherhood, mercy, compassion, and peace

Our Staff Members

Redouan Baghazi

Brother Redouan

Khalid Lamjahdi

Brother Khalid

Toufik Bahaj

Imam Toufik